Nutritarian Mashed Potatoes
nutritarian mashed potatoes recipe nutritarian thanksgiving ideas dr fuhrman eat to live 6 week plan vegan no oil mashed potaoes

Yeah, this took way too long to happen. I’m closing in on my fourth year as a nutritarian and I never thought to make mashed potatoes?  Well, I can promise you it was worth the wait!  These nutritarian mashed potatoes are legit.  All the fluffy, creamy, savory goodness coming at you and just in time for the Thanksgiving celebrations toContinue Reading

Nutritarian Mushroom Gravy
nutritarian mashed potatoes with vegan no-oil mushroom gravy dr fuhrman eat to live plan low salt vegan mushroom gravy recipe

You’re just a week away from needing a really good mashed potato and gravy recipe in your life. Get ready to be amazed that this creamy, comforting duo can be made vegan, with no oil and with no added salt.  That’s right, nutritarian mashed potatoes and gravy for the win! So, now you have no excuse to detour from yourContinue Reading

Roasted Delicata Squash Salad with Pumpkin Balsamic Vinaigrette
no oil roasted delicata squash salad nutritarian no added salt dr fuhrman recipe

Feeling thankful you discovered Dr. Fhurman’s nutritarian plan?  Why not share your love for the Eat to Live lifestyle by making a delicious and perfect-for-special-family-gatherings salad: Roasted Delicata Squash Salad with Pumpkin Balsamic Vinaigrette! Did I mention this salad is vegan, oil-free, no added salt and nutritarian-approved? Yup, it’s celebration-worthy.  And it’s my very first time cooking with this FallContinue Reading

Eat to Live Menu: Day 53
nutritarian diet plan dr fuhrman eat to live the end of dieting 6 week plan PBS special Joel Fuhrman printable shopping list

So, you’ve found out about Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian diet.  You’re intrigued.   Maybe you’re concerned about a recently diagnosed health problem or maybe you’re just looking to shed some pounds. Whatever the reason, you’re here!  And that’s a very, very good thing! I’m going to take all the guesswork out of becoming nutritarian for you!  You’re not going to struggleContinue Reading