Crispy No Oil Baked Tofu Fingers
crispy oven baked tofu nutritarian vegan gluten free Dr Fuhrman eat to live 6 week program

3 ingredients, a knife and an oven = you have no excuse not to try these crispy, no oil, baked tofu fingers. In fact, add this to your weekly food prep rotation immediately! You know when you’re craving crispy fried chicken fingers but you’re dedicated to health excellence and reaching your ideal weight?  Now, you make these instead… And doContinue Reading

Nutritarian BBQ Sauce
Nutritarian BBQ sauce no oil no sugar no salt Dr Fuhrman Plan 6 week eat to live program PBS special

Sauces just make life yummier!  But when you’re on a no-salt, no-sugar, no-oil nutritarian diet it is completely daunting to find any sauces that will “work” at your local grocery store. Enter this easy nutritarian BBQ sauce recipe that you can make with your high-speed blender and a little bit of time on the stove!     So, what’s theContinue Reading

Nutritarian Vitamin & Supplement Guide
Nutritarian Vitmain supplement guide Fuhrman Plan Vegan vitamins Dr Fuhrman vitamin guide recomendation recommended vitamins and supplements on eat to live 6 week plan

Why is one of the most frequently asked questions received on this blog:  What vitamins or supplements should I take on Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian plan? Isn’t the whole point of the Fuhrman plan to get our micronutrients, vitamins and minerals from the whole-food, plant-based foods we eat?  I mean, we are working damn hard over here making the best foodContinue Reading

Eat to Live Menu: Day 51
Dr Fuhrman eat to live 6 week program daily menu The End of Dieting Healthy food planning Day 51

Starting something new is hard. There’s no way of getting around those growing pains when you bite the bullet and take the plunge! Here’s the bottom line: you know that if you eat to live and adopt a nutritarian lifestyle you are going to reach your ideal weight, protect yourself from diseases and feel absolutely amazing along the way! ButContinue Reading