Eat to Live Menu: Day 52
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Starting something new is hard. Maybe you’ve just read one of Dr. Fuhrman’s books, or seen him on Dr. Oz or one of his PBS specials.  What he says makes sense to you and you’re not happy with your health.  You’re ready to change… Here’s the bottom line: you know that if you eat to live and adopt a nutritarianContinue Reading

No Oil Herb Tahini Dressing
dr fuhrman pbs eat to live nutritarian diet 6 week plan no oil salad dressing recipe no salt

Big.  Powerful.  Herbalicious.  Flavor.  Are you ready to punch your salad in the face?  If you’re searching for the next big, super-healthy, no oil, no salt, nutritarian dressing–welcome to herb tahini nirvana… Namaste. You don’t understand how foolishly happy I am to share this recipe with you! First off, it’s my very first copy-cat recipe!  That’s right, if you’re aContinue Reading

No Oil Tofu Ranch Dressing
Nutritarian Ranch Salad dressing recipe Dr fuhrman 6 week plan eat to live meal plans no oil no nut vegan ranch dressing

No oil, no nuts, vegan, nutritarian, super-low fat, tofu ranch dressing.  Say hello to your dream dressing! All of that creamy goodness is here. We’re talking legit.  We’re talking months in the making to get it all just right.  We’re talking no added fat (no oil, no nuts) and no added salt–at it’s damn delicious! You know that salad isContinue Reading

How to Cheat on Your Diet
How to Cheat on Your Diet How to Cheat on Dr Fuhrman 6 week plan eat to live program the end of dieting

One of the most frequently asked questions on this site is: How do you cheat on your diet? First off, let’s get a few things straight… You don’t want to cheat on your diet, right? I mean the whole reason you’re embarking on this journey is to rock-out your health and whittle down your weight! You want everything to goContinue Reading