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Don’t Become a Fat Vegan!

Being a vegan can't be so hard when you can easily pick up some delishious doughnuts!

Today, it has officially been one week of me being a “Vegan Momma!”  I have only three weeks left in my 30-day vegan momma challenge and I’m feeling strong!  As I promised, I am posting an update on my progress so far.  I’ve lost 2 pounds and 4 ounces since starting and hope that I

ABC’s New Show: PAN AM

Two brunettes, two blonds, ready to take off in the new ABC show "Pan Am!"

I love the bygone days!  I listen to oldies, I covet vintage 50s and 60s dresses, handbags, furniture, cookware, books, billboards, signs, well, you get it, pretty much everything.  I loved the first few episodes of “Mad Men,” but never got to watch any more (something I will soon be remedying).  So, adding my love

Beef(less) Broccoli and Noodles

Get that rich, bold flavor by exchanging mushrooms for oyster sauce and black beans for beef stock!

I am now on my 4th official day of my 30-Day Vegan Momma Challenge!  Yesterday was a little difficult for me and I needed a pick-me-up vegan dish–so I created one!  I think it was passing by our neighborhood Panda Express (and almost heading in, zombie-like, and eating every carnivorous dish in sight) that sparked

30 Day “Vegan Momma” Challenge

Like Lisa Simpson, I also have a guilty carniverous conscious!

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” —Albert Einstein October 1st is the annual kickoff of Vegetarian Awareness Month, and I wanted to get a head start!  This past Thursday I began my month-long vegan challenge and after

Are Fish Oil Pills Good For You?

Was taking my daily fish oil supplement helping or hurting my overall health?

First, the answer: NO, fish oil supplements are not “good” for you.  The Omega-3s found in fish ARE VERY GOOD for you but you better find another source other than fish, because you are pretty much ingesting little capsules of PCBs, insecticides and other chemical toxins. A few weeks ago I ran out of fish


Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen both won Emmys for Best Supporting Actor and Actress and the show nabbed 3 other awrds that night!

Last night I beat the sleep!  Around 10 to 10:30 PM every night is my I’m-too-tired-to-stay-up, I-have-to-go-to-bed time and usually sleep wins.  Last night MOM won (move over Adam Richman, time for MOM vs. SLEEP)!  I got to catch up on the final two episodes of Modern Family from LAST season and then enjoy two

What Does Dr. Oz Eat?

Find out what famed heart-surgeon turned talk-show host Dr. Mehmet Oz keeps in his fridge!

WHAT DOES DR. OZ EAT?  A question I’ve often pondered and finally have an answer to thanks to his latest article in TIME magazine.  The magazine cover instantly caught my attention as it had a variety of whole foods on it, including: quinoa, salmon, broccoli, nuts, berries, eggs, sweet potatoes and dark chocolate.  It reminded

Healthy Salmon Dinner

Present the ultimate "superfoods" dinner with salmon, asparagus and quinoa pilaf!

This is a collaborative recipe staring my husband’s favorite “healthy way” to prepare salmon and my addition of a pan sauce (I feel very proud of my stray “foodie” moment)!  The flavor is derived from the salmon’s own natural fats, lemon juice, herbs and vegetable stock.  It’s cooked first in the pan, for a slight

Quinoa Pilaf

Start incorporating this South American staple to your favorite side dishes!

First off, here is some interesting info on quinoa, coming to you straight off my box of Trader Joe’s organic Quinoa!  “Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah, was a staple of the ancient Incas, who called it ‘the mother grain.’  It remains an important staple in South America cuisine, as it contains more protein than most other grains. 

Which is Best: Farm-Raised or Wild Caught Salmon?

Pay the extra money for wild caught salmon and reduce your exposure to chemicals toxins and mad cow disease!

  A very important issue, especially in my household, because my son Kysen ADORES salmon!  It might not be a surprise to many of you that I have determined that WILD salmon is healthier than farm-raised.  What WILL surprise you are the scientific reasons why! Well, for starters, take a look at the picture (to

The Real Food Challenge

Challenge yourself to eat more natural foods and always read your ingredient lists!

Sure, most of us read the nutrition labels on the foods we buy, but are you in the habit of reading the list of ingredients?  Just because an item is low in fat or calories doesn’t mean that the ingredients in it are good for you!  Join me in my personal challenge to eat more

Cool Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

Take their lunch box from boring to a BLAST with a rock-star themed lunch time menu!

Let’s face it, just like us, our kids can get stuck in food-ruts.  Maybe you eat a turkey on rye everyday for lunch, or you have to have your oatmeal with soy milk for breakfast–our kids are no different!  And with no meal is this meal-time-monotony more prevalent than the school-day lunch!  So often, if

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