DIY Ballerina Baby Shower Invitations

I’m throwing my big sis a baby shower for her baby girl due this November!  The theme is Pink and Gold Ballerina (check out the Pinterest board) and I am so excited to share all of the crafts we will be making for this shower!  Here’s the first DIY tutorial for the ballerina shower invitations!

Materials Needed (all of which can be found at Michael’s):

  • “Celebrate It” white invitation kit (8 1/2 x 5 inches)
  • “Recollections” ballerina stamp (SKU #886946233500)
  • “Brilliance” pigment ink in “Galaxy Gold”
  • “Martha Stewart” fine glitter in “Florentine Gold”
  • thin paint brushes
  • Elmer’s white all purpose glue
  • I used Power Point to make the text

Print out all of your invitations and get your work space ready.  TIP: Have a sheet of paper to tap your excess glitter onto and a small container for your glue.

Cover the stamp with the gold ink, making sure that the whole stamp is covered, especially the hands and feet (they tend to get missed on the ink pad).  Place the stamp in the center of the invite and use your fingers to gently but firmly press down the entire stamp, paying close attention, again, to the hands and feet.

Work quickly, while the stamp is still wet, and apply a thin layer of glue to the ballerina’s skirt.  Sprinkle with glitter, focusing most of the glitter on the skirt and just a bit on the rest of the stamp for a little added sparkle.

A word of caution: when you send these invitations out in the mail some of the glitter will stray.  My sister sent me a picture of the invite when she received it and natural spreading of the glitter actually looks great!  Stay tuned for more pink and gold ballerina baby shower DIY crafts to follow!

  • Shirley Wiswell

    Very cute. Can’t wait for more ballerina ideas. Keep on postin’ :)