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Vegan Picadillo Cubano

Vegan Picadillo Recipe Vegan Cuban Food Cuban Recipe

Pin It My father is Cuban and I was born and raised in Miami.  Yeah, we ate a lot of Cuban food.  Home-cooked, store-bought or at restaurants, Cuban food is my comfort food.   There are some seriously fabulous Cuban cooks in my family: my father, abuela, sisters and brother–they could all throw down against

Pinteresting Places to Visit in Miami

Miami Travel Guide How to Maximize Your Long Weekend Vacation to South Florida

Pin It PHOTO CREDITS: Top left: Miami Web Design, top right: Nikki Beach Miami Beach Facebook Page , bottom left: Photo courtesy of travelchannel.com, bottom right: fla-keys.com There’s another call to pin from the folks at Pinterest!  Last week Pinterest sent out an email for travel guide boards using their new “place pins,” a map

Classic Cuban: Fricasé de Pollo


“Chicken and Papas” is what my brothers and I call this classic Cuban dish.  “Papas” is Spanish for potatoes, and being that I’m part Irish, I’m quite fond of potatoes too!  Speaking of a mixed-up heritage, isn’t it the French who are best known for fricasé?  So, you may rightfully be wondering–how did a decidedly

Cuban Classic: Picadillo


Pin It We’re on a roll!  Cooking up a Cuban storm of the most classic and iconic (not to mention delicious) dishes from my most beloved of tropical island nations!  Here is another recipe that conjures up fragrant Sunday evenings spent watching my father cook in our Miami kitchen!  What is so wonderful about this

Cuban Classic: Arroz con Pollo


Pin It You can’t claim to cook Cuban if you don’t know how to make the classic Cuban comfort dish: Arroz con Pollo!  If you’ve been following along, you know what to buy and how to make the perfect sofrito (the base of almost every Cuban dish); you’ve conquered the “doctored-up” Cuban black beans and

How to Make Cuban Guava and Cheese Pastelitos

oh yes

Pin It Being a half-Cuban with a fierce sweet tooth, it is only natural that pastelitos (or pasteles as they are sometimes called) are one of my all-time favorite desserts!  The mix of tart guava paste and savory cream cheese sandwiched between buttery layers of puff pastry make these dessert pastries a real crowd pleaser! 

Cuban Style Avocado Salad

This Cuban side dish is perfect for your summertime cookouts!

Going along with my Cuban cuisine posts, here is my favorite go-to salad for the hot Summer months: Cuban Avocado Salad!  In Cuban cooking, this salad (or a variation, see below) is served along with fresh Cuban bread and plantains or tostones (a salty fried plantain).  With its light dressing and fresh ingredients it is

A Cuban Feast: Arroz Imperial Con Pollo

Not only is this dish colorful but it is bursting with flavor!  Be careful you can eat A LOT of this!

As I mentioned in my black beans post, I am half Cuban, and very proud–especially of our culinary heritage!  We got the best flavors from Spain, from the Caribbean, and from Africa all in one culture!  It is truly delicious and if you’ve never enjoyed a Cuban dish, this is a FANTASTIC starter recipe! As

Easy Cuban Black Beans

Impress your friends and family with this Cuban cusine staple!

There are two ways to make Cuban black beans: the long way and the short way!  For now I’m leaving the “long way” to my Dad, Abuela and other experts; and using the “short way” to whip up a healthy and tasty dish that has served me well in my “shedding for the wedding” these

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